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Learn about the "fine print" on your credit card statements and your rights when your credit cards and debit cards are stolen.

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This site is all about educating consumers on credit cards. Here you'll learn about the hidden costs buried in credit card disclosure statements, which credit laws protect you against credit card scams and rip-offs, debit card rules, why credit card insurance is useless and how and where to file complaints about credit card bills and charges.

Many credit card companies offer initial "teaser" rates as low as zero percent but . . .
what you end up with is not what you expected! Use this site to educate yourself about credit cards! The Internet makes finding a great credit card rewards program or instant on-line credit card approval extremely convenient but, there are pitfalls so be sure to shop around for the best credit card interest rates and rewards especially, on guaranteed approval credit cards, debit cards, and charge cards.


Credit Card Scams are all over the place! They usually start with a call from someone claiming to be from "VISA" or "MasterCard"! Here is how the scam unfolds...

Learn more about credit card scams here...

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Learn the truth about the top 20 debt and credit myths plus tips and tools for dealing with collectors who use illegal and unethical debt collection tactics!
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